Brand Introduction

Vulcan, the god of fire in Greek mythology, is also the god of craftsmen who makes weapons for the gods. With his extraordinary smelting skills, he casts the most powerful artifacts in the world.  Vulcan symbolizes the tempered spirit of forging and craftsmanship that has been tried and tested throughout time, and it now also a brand masterful in creating value for architecture.

Vulcan Intelligent Architecture Solutions Blueprint

Smart Doorlocks

  • 2022: More options for combinations of exterior design, materials, and functions

  • 2023:A new generation of wireless communication technology replaces the sensor key with an iPhone or Android mobile phone.  With a smartphone in hand, you have access all the way.

Smart Community

  • Smart Community Management System: bulletin boards, package notification, management fee payment, public facilities reservation, online group purchases, repair and maintenance, water and electricity refurbishment, natural gas registration, etc.

Smart Homes

  • Smart home appliances, security monitoring, home entertainment, home caretaking, etc.