Instructions on usage and other questions

When the battery is low, the system will automatically remind the user to replace the battery immediately, and the standard key can be inserted into the mechanical keyhole for unlocking (it is recommended that the user leaves the key out of the home in case of unexpected situations). The main units are all equipped with an emergency charging interface, which can be used for emergency power supply using a mobile power supply.

No, the door lock main unit can determine the position of the key.  If the key is located inside the door, it cannot be unlocked by induction. ※Due to various environments, it is recommended to place the key 50 cm away from the main unit inside the door.

When encountering problems that cannot be eliminated, please use the free customer service system.  Customer service will provide online teaching and simple troubleshooting instructions to have the problem solved.

Warranty Questions

Warranty period: 12 months

 In the event of a natural functional failure during the warranty period, the company will replace it free of charge. After the replacement, the consumer can continue to enjoy the remaining limited warranty period, and the ownership of the replaced parts would belong to the company.

After inspection by an original factory technician, the condition is to be determined as machine defects, natural damage, non-third-party factors, unmanned factors, external factors and/or natural disasters.

 During the warranty period, the original technician will come to the residence for inspection. If it is determined that it is not to be covered by warranty, a maintenance or repair fee will be charged. If a worker has been dispatched to the site and the consumer is unwilling to repair, an inspection and outgoing fee for the service case will be charged.

If the product has exceeded the warranty period, consumers would be responsible for the labor cost of maintenance and replacement parts.
If the product has exceeded the warranty period, consumers would be responsible for the labor cost of maintenance and replacement parts.
Damage caused by improper operation or improper use of this product.
Damage caused by improper use of human factors, moisture, fire, earthquake or other external reasons.
No product body serial number, serial number barcode is damaged, unauthorized alteration or forged barcode serial number.
Damage or failure caused by repairs, installations (including upgrades and expansions) performed by non-Vulcan authorized technicians, or disassembly and assembly by consumers.

Appearance damage, handle scratches, dents and plastic damage. For example: (the environment is wet and rusted, bumped, scratched and peeled off the paint). ‧ After the expiration of the warranty period, the parts are guaranteed for one year after paying for repairs and replacement parts.

Do not install the product outdoors.
The performance of this product cannot be guaranteed under special circumstances and environments such as amidst condensation, by the seaside, etc.
Do not attempt to disassemble this product by yourself; otherwise you may suffer from electric shock or damage to this product.
Do not hit the product with hard or heavy objects.
Do not use any water or any type of solvent, such as gasoline or benzene, to clean the product; otherwise, damage would be done to the electronic circuit, leading to product deterioration (or) and the paint splattered.
Please change the password regularly (about three months is recommended). Please change the password immediately when the password is leaked. The company is not responsible for any accident that may occur due to the negligence of the user.
Do not use rechargeable batteries, as only alkaline batteries are recommended. (It is also recommended to check whether there is any leakage when replacing the battery)