General Specification

Product Model — VC301K
Main material — aluminum alloy & tempered glass
Unit specifications — 373x151x73 mm
Lock body — European standards lock body
Induction key —  effective induction range up to 1.1 m; stores up to 8 sets of data
Password — 6-12 digits; stores up to 5 passwords
Power requirements — 8 AA alkaline batteries
Battery life – about 12 months
Emergency Power — Portable Power Port (Micro USB)

Electronic Technology and Craftsmanship that Meets Mercedes-Benz and BMW Standards
Securely enjoy the dignity and elegance of getting in and out of a luxury car

Vulcan Smart Access Control System

Makes “going home” a matter of ease and elegance!
◆Integrates from community gates, public spaces, and elevators to your home, allowing you to travel hands-free all the way!
◆Advanced chip technology used in luxury sedans with a sensing range of over one meter!
◆Non-ordinary fixed password magnetic key card and automobile-spec chips passwords are randomly paired for verification, therefore illegal copying is extremely difficult.
◆Automatic authentication unlocking is done by simply golding the door handle.  The anxious moments of looking for keys are over!

Best Smart Locks.
Nevet Worry about Losing your keys.

Hold the door handle to automatically authenticate and unlock, you don’t have to rush to find the key!
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