General Specifications

Product Model — VC4008F
Main Material — aluminum alloy & reflective tempered glass
Product Color — Mirror Black
Lock Body — Class C lock cylinder/semi-automatic switch
Fingerprint Sensing — Bio-semiconductor
Fingerprint Identification —≦0.5s
Lockup Functions — Continually entering wrong passwords would lock the system
Water-Resistance Testing — IP54 Rating for the front panel
System Setting — Single lock/ Double-combination lock
Power requirements — 6 AA alkaline batteries

Fingerprint Identification

Touch keyboard for more responsive operation without pressing

Card Induction

Unlocking Key

Functions and Features

◆Fingerprint unlocking
◆Card Unlocking
◆Password Unlocking
◆Mechanical key
◆Saves up to 300 fingerprints, card data, and passwords
◆Up to 10 administrator passwords
◆Full Chinese audio operation guide
◆Adjustable volume
◆Repetitive unlocking is not required in Constant Open Mode

◆304 stainless steel multi-bolt reinforced lock gate
◆Solid anti-collision, anti-saw lock tongue
◆Indoor anti-lock button
◆Two-factor authentication unlock
◆Anti-piracy warning
◆Low battery reminder
◆Privacy virtual password
◆External 5V mobile power supply emergency power supply

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