General Specification

Product Model — VC5002A
Main material—aluminum alloy/IMD panel
Product Color – Mirror Gray/Aurora Blue
Lock body — C-class lock cylinder/automatic switch
Fingerprint Identification—≦0.5s
Cat-eye detection – infrared fill light at night
Detection distance—between 50 – 70 cm
Water-Resistance Testing — IP54 Rating for the front panel
Lockup Functions — Continually entering wrong passwords would lock the system
Memory — Supports single unlocking/double combination unlocking
System Setup — Single unlocking/double combination unlocking
System power supply — DC 6.8V – 8.4V lithium battery

Function and Features

◆Mechanical keys
◆Adjustable volume  
◆High-stamina 4200 mAh lithium battery

◆Visitor-identifying cat-eye lenses
◆LCD Screen for viewing outdoors from indoors
◆Saves up to 300 fingerprints, card data, and passwords
◆Saves up to 9 administrator passwords
◆Full Chinese audio operation guide
◆One-key automatic rotation with a slight push and pull

◆Unlocks after dual certification
◆Intrusion alert
◆Low battery reminder
◆Anti-spying virtual password
◆Indoor fast rotary knob
◆External 5V mobile power emergency power supply

The company reserves the right to make amendments to this content.  The final product would be subject to practicality.